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A Letter from the DVI President

Dear DVI Membership:

It is my hope that everyone is doing well and has settled into the new semester! I wanted to address a few things via the website to inform the membership of what is happening within DVI.

First, we are still here and working hard to make your DVI better. We are currently rebuilding the website and hope to have a new and improved website up by the end of the year.

Secondly, the DVIQuarterly will continue to be offered online. We have had some issues with the change over to a new editor and process, so we are behind. I promise that Dr. Loana Mason, our new editor, is working hard to get the DVIQ caught up. Please contact her if you have questions, articles, or recommendations of content at loanam@nmsu.edu.

The DVI Board will be meeting at the APH Annual Meeting on October 13 from 2pm to 5pm. It is an open meeting and anyone may participate in the meeting.

Our committees are hard at work on their tasks. The membership committee successfully petitioned the CEC Board of Directors for a membership exemption as we work on a new plan of action. Our research ad hoc committee is diligently working on developing a new infrastructure for supporting research in the field. These are just two examples of the hard work within the Division. If you would like to become more active and support DVI, committees are a GREAT place to start.

I hope that all of you are making plans to attend the CEC Convention and Expo in San Antonio next spring. Our president-elect, Dr. Diane Pesvner has put together a wonderful program and we will be providing ACVREP CEUs again this year for all DVI-sponsored presentations.

Best Regards,

Derrick W. Smith
DVI President

Derrick Smith, DVI President





Call for Award Nominations

DVI is currently accepting nominations for our 2013 awards.

Click HERE for more information! (For screenreaders, click here.)

The deadline for nominations is December 15, 2012!

Elections Are Coming!

Be on the lookout for an email and/or letter for you to VOTE to elect new DVI officers!


The DVI Quarterly goes ONLINE!

DVI is excited to announce that the DVIQuarterly is now online for free to everyone! Click here to check out the new look!


Attention Membership: The DVI minutes and treasurer reports will no longer be published in the DVIQuarterly. You can now find these documents under the "Meetings" section.



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Updated on 10-31-2012

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